When being good ends up in doing bad things, when bad things are intended to be good, when love gets mixed up with compassion and aid results in arrogance – in short, when Max, Manuel, Gong and Nadine try to get through life, not even Jesus can protect them from what they are: human error - in other words: The Good Ones!

An old man with a bicycle wheel walks through the city, searching for something. A young man with a bicycle and a missing wheel makes his way through the city, also searching. When they meet they do what they have to do. The price for the bicycle to get unified hurts because only a clown can ride one wheel.

Freely adapted from Heiner Müller‘s 1981 written poem Herzstück.

A sportsman that trains for the Olimpycs gets visually closer and closer to Leni Riefenstahl aesthetics until the image has to be destroyed because this is considered to be Nazi style.

People that seem to be filmed in a documentary way on the street start acting for the camera, just one seems embarrassed. This man, confronted by the camera, catapults his mind out of the “reduce life to passion “ reality into a mirror-image world, where there’s no passion at all. Advertisement, Posters, Prostitutes, yes the whole life here is monotonous and empty, the emptiness behind illusion. To reach passion or illusion, he orders a murder to get some kind of light. By the help of this light he enters a special room of illusion – a cinema – where he becomes a film himself...

Los Buenos—The Good Ones

Macht kaputt was schön ist